Parent Support and Advice

I have worked with many different children, in many different professional roles in Cornwall throughout the last 20 years, with every single child being unique and different.  I have helped children from a variety of backgrounds through being a nursery nurse, teacher, child advocate, family support worker and play therapist.  One common thread that holds all these children is love, both the want to be loved and to give love.  This may hold everything together, like glue, but many other building blocks need to be put in place to give a child a good solid base to develop from.

Every parent wants the best for their child, and they will endeavour to be an outstanding parent.  Parenting books, written by child gurus and also celebrities who feel they want to share their own experiences are devoured by new and developing parents.  These are a fantastic starting point, but what happens when the child doesn't follow what it says in the book??  Remember, there are many different books, advocating differing child rearing techniques.  Maybe you just haven't read the right book for you and your style of parenting.  Eating, sleeping, socialisation, behaviour, toy attachment, dummy or thumb sucking, bed wetting can all be a great worry for some parents.  Share your worry with me and I can assure you, I can help you overcome any issue.


I offer a culmination of many different styles and techniques that can be used with children of differing ages.  I have studied and through practical experience, with my own parenting and other professional roles, tried and tested any methods I have used, so you can be assured that they work. 


If you recognise that changes need to be made in your home, but don’t know where to start or you are worried to how to do this, my Parent Support and Advice service can help you.  I recognise that every family is different, and what works for one family may differ to another.  Together we will find some new methods for you to try.