How It Works


At this first stage, which you are at entirely no obligation to arrange a consultation, we can discuss the problems you are experiencing with your child. I can assess if this is something I can help you with.  We can discuss any questions you have about my services, and if you are entirely happy we can arrange a consultation at a mutually convenient time.



I am confident I can help!


Play Therapy

This is always at a minimum of 12 sessions working with a child.  These sessions take place for 45 mins each week.  I will meet with the parents/referrer for an initial 1 hour session to ensure I have all the relevant information for me to work with the child. An initial meeting with the child and parent/referrer will also be arranged. The initial meetings with parents and child are free of charge.

Parent Support & Advice

I will spend an hour with you, offering you solutions for how you can take the next positive steps in your journey of parenthood.  This can form a written action plan.  If you wish, we can diary a regular visit from me to help you instigate the plan of action and work hand in hand until we reach the desired results.  This is a time for discussion between us.  It is a time for you to ask any questions, bring up any worries and for us to work together to find a path forward. (Travel costs if you would like a visit in your own home).


Play Therapy

One review meeting with parents will take place at around the 8 week mark.

Parent Support & Advice

We will have a follow up telephone conversation after the consultation to see how you feel it is going and if you are happy implementing the plan yourself or whether you would like me to diary further or regular visits until the desired results are achieved.