Ms J (Looe)

It has helped my son immensely and do not know what position we would be in without play therapy.  Helped my son have a better life.  You've been amazing.  Thank you for everything you've done.  T loves you!

Ms B (Newquay)

Sharon has given my son amazing support on several occasions when he has needed it the most.  It has given him a safe place to come and express himself in a way that he would struggle to do at home.  It has made him feel important and I have seen him grow in confidence throughout his play therapy sessions.  Sharon has also been a great support to me as a mum.  It has been a very positive experience for my son and the whole family.  I am so grateful for the amazing work that she does and I would highly recommend her.

Miss G (Par)

Wow - I can't thank you enough for all your help and support with my daughter, always at the end of the phone to support me as a parent too!  Play therapy has really pulled my daughter through a rough time with handling her emotions and with Sharon's help she has much more understanding and resilience.

Mrs W (St Austell)

The Family Fairy has been invaluable to us.  I cannot recommend it enough.  The play therapy approach was just what my son needed and I wish I had started him at a younger age.  Sharon's knowledge and experience is vast and is evident from how she is able to understand the child.  The support she has given to us as a family goes far beyond her role as a play therapist and I cannot thank her enough for being a listening ear when things have become tough for my son.  We have used The Family fairy for a year and a half now and the service has helped my son tremendously.  Sharon is professional, yet friendly and approachable and has the loveliest nature with children. Thank you for all you have done for my child, for me and I wish you all the best for the future.

Ms B (Newquay)

Sharon has certainly been the family fairy that was needed in our family at a difficult time for my son.  With her gentle and caring approach, she has helped a very timid and fearful 5-year-old come out of his shell.  In the time that he has spent with Sharon, he has learnt to deal with his emotions in a more positive way.  It has given him his own time to play and express himself, without the fear of doing the wrong thing, giving him confidence

to process the traumatic experiences he has been through.  I would highly recommend Sharon and the amazing support she had given to myself and my son during a difficult time.

Mrs S (St Austell)

Sharon really listened to me and helped me to realise that I am not the only one who sometimes has issues dealing with their own children.  Sharon gave me lots of great advice, which I use every day.

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