School Time!

With school just around the corner, many parents at this time of year are starting to breathe a small sigh of relief. As much as we love our children, the summer reminds us of how much hard work they actually are!! However, going back to school is not always easy for some children. After such a long break, anxiety levels can increase when they think about going back. New teachers, new classrooms, possibly a whole new school to think about. Then there are new social groups, missing their main caregiver, and the small things like the school food, toilets etc that can be worries too. Luckily, most schools do now do transition days before the summer to help alleviate these anxieties, but 6

Play with your child

I often get asked by parents when I am working with their child in play therapy, “what can I do to help at home?”. My answer will always be to play with your child and spend time with them, regardless to whether the child is in therapy or not. Play is so important to a child. It is through play and their relationships with others in this play that helps to teach them about the world and how to survive in it. There are many different types of play, and it is important to try and find a middle ground where both you and your child are happy to play together. Messy play, role play, play with Lego, playing on computer games, board games are just some examples of play. The type of play isn’t

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